As one of the smaller Thailand islands.  You would expect to struggle to find gourmet food choices but in actuality the opposite is true.           Kho tao attracts visitors from all around the world and many love being here so much that they decide to stay. This means the island has expats providing high-quality authentic food from around the globe.

Walking down the winding streets you’ll discover freshly made Japanese sushi and spicy Mexican burritos placed right next to one another.  Giving you the unexpected option of eating food from across the globe.

What really draws foodies to the island though is the boast of some of the best Thai food In Thailand.

What makes the traditional Thai food stand out is readily available fresh produce and home-made recipes. All over the island, you find small family run restaurants who have been making beautifully flavoured Thai food for generations.

Abyss hostel is perfectly located right in the centre of Serrie beach just a short walk from some of the most highly rated eateries. With such a range of choice, there is also food to suit everybody’s budget. Also if you want to take the taste of Thailand home with you, you’ll find lots of Thai cooking classes.

Some of our top recommendations are

  • Barracuda – A laid-back and stylish dining alternative. Specialising in a large selection of seafood and Thai style fusion dishes. 
  • 995 Duck – Expect a queue for this cheap but really delicious roast duck eatery, small and unexpected.
  • Sariee Sariee – A range of western classics, leaning more to an Italian influence. Best known for its fresh and crispy base pizzas.
  • Vegetabowl – Healthy and colourful, vegetable-packed meals. Lots of Vegetarian and vegan options available too.
  • Cafe del sol – Established in 1999 Cafe del Sol was the first French restaurant on Koh Tao. Well recognised for its excellent food in many guidebooks.
  • Whitening – Best place for a romantic beach set meal, with a large menu and quality service.